Development History

1、1983-1994, chairman of Mr Zhang Xianmiao, ouhai, wenzhou, set up supplies company. The prelude to the development time for the company.

2、1994-1997, wenzhou ouhai supplies company expansion, set up shop of huaye stainless steel. Fledgling company development.

3、on November 3, 1997, huaye stainless steel materials co., LTD., registered in hangzhou. Is the company's real development back on track, and the first step in growing.

4、on January 4, 2002, hangzhou Ye Po stainless steel co., LTD was registered. For the company become a trade and processing as one of the biggest stainless steel circulation industry to lay the solid foundation.

5、March 24, 2003, zhejiang huaye stainless steel co., LTD was registered. Constantly expanding, the company's size are gradually grow into a "giant" of domestic stainless steel circulation industry.

6、August 22, 2007, zhejiang HuaShun metal materials co., LTD was registered. Company since then has established modern processing center, has more than 10 square meters of production and processing and logistics base, the introduction of South Korea into the advanced modern automatic processing complete sets of equipment, form a complete production and processing chain. Processing production scale comprehensive radiation to the downstream users.

7、on November 14, 2007, wuxi HuaWei stainless steel co., LTD was registered. Is the first branch company in zhejiang province, is an important step toward collectivization company development.

8、2010, hangzhou three garden tea industry co., LTD was registered. Was also a diversified development company is an important symbol.
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