Talent Concept

qq欢乐升级里面的动漫叫什么名字 www.uhgwo.icu To let people have the opportunity to, can people have a stage, and achieving it have status have treatment. A meritocracy, I just will use.

One is the principle of having both ability and political integrity:

According to the comprehensive measure to choose and use talents, the requirement of having both ability and political integrity, persistence is DE not are shallow, there just is little people without virtue, ability and political integrity should not be ignored.

Two is to practice the first principle:

Try shall burn 3 full jade, bian will be for seven years. Over the years, all kinds of professionals who work to huaye, we have arranged to the workshop production line first, let them improve in practice.

Three is the principle of superior bad discard:

In choosing talents, we implemented by talent search to choose horse field, who will do the best, we as a people to reuse; Otherwise, can only be knocked out.

Four is the principle that “everyone is a talent”:

On the talent use, eliminate stereotypes and mystification, accomplish by man and appropriate, amount to apply. As long as in the right positions play maximum wit, talent is a certain significance. We according to this principle, according to the level of each employee, expertise, experience, personality, etc., to arrange it to relative suitable post, do a person to do all it can, to promote the enterprise sustainable, rapid and efficient development.

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